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U.S. oil demands may spark increased dangerous work for Texas oil field employees.

Texas – March 14, 2022 Calls for increased U.S. oil production have support from lawmakers in Texas after the U.S. latest step in a worldwide effort to punish Russia for its unprovoked invasion into Ukraine. This action impacts the Texas’…

How do attorneys establish a case for toxic exposure in Louisiana?

Louisiana – March 5, 2021 When a Louisiana worker has been exposed to a toxic substance through their employment, they may have a case for damages if the exposure resulted in sickness, physical harm, or wrongful death.  An experienced…

Atlanta Georgia: An employee at Byron Explosives Company was airlifted to the hospital after a workplace accident.

According to Sheriff Terry Deese, an accident happened at Pyrotechnic Specialties Inc. in Byron around 10:40 a.m. on June 17, 2020.  Fire Chief Jeff Doles reported  a man was burned on his hands and face after a small explosion and flash fire…