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Four reasons why speeding is dangerous in Albuquerque

Albuquerque, NM - Traffic laws against speeding exist for the safety of all people on or around the roads. Law enforcement has the authority to stop speeding drivers in order to maintain public safety and prevent accidents. However, despite…

What can happen to drivers who break the speed limit in Kershaw County?

Kershaw County, SC - Speeding can be very dangerous for everyone on the roads. This is because speeding drivers are much more likely to cause accidents, which can result in injuries and loss of life. A driver who is caught speeding or involved…

Will criminal charges be filed after a fatal crash in Fort Worth Texas?

Texas – December 20, 2021 A driver who causes a death in a car accident is more likely to face a wrongful death civil suit than a criminal prosecution. However, the possibility of criminal charges exists, especially when a driver kills…