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Here are the ways that Louisiana’s negligence laws are applied to accidents

Alsen, LA - Almost all accident and injury lawsuits will be brought under Louisiana’s system of negligence. In civil cases, negligence essentially means that the defendant made some kind of mistake or error that resulted in the plaintiff’s…

These are the types of compensation available after a car crash in Brownsfield

Brownsfield, LA - People who have been involved in car accidents have the right to file insurance claims or bring civil lawsuits for compensation. Things like property damage to vehicles, costs of healthcare, or even expenses associated with…

How does an accident victim in Yuma know how much compensation they can receive?

Yuma, AZ - The amount of compensation that an accident victim can receive will vary greatly based on a number of different factors. When another party is shown to be at fault, they can be forced to pay out various kinds of compensation, called…