Tallahassee area driver crashes due to a faulty tire and police pronounced him dead a short time later

In some single vehicle accidents, an important car part such as a tire may fail with disastrous consequences. The company that manufactures the defective item can be sued for losses. 

The Florida Highway Patrol responded to an accident scene in the Tallahassee area where one person died.

Car loses a tire and falls off the side of the road

The state police responded to the area of State Road 267 and Hopkins Landing Road in Gadsden County on a Tuesday night. Officers in the area believe that the driver was going northbound on the Pat Thomas Parkway. His vehicle started to swerve to the left, and then the front passenger side tire had some kind of malfunction and broke off. The vehicle then drifted towards the east shoulder of the road, left the paved surface, and fell down an embankment on the roadside.  

After this initial fall, the car turned onto its left side. Within seconds the vehicle struck a tree on its undercarriage and another tree near the front end. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene, but no details were released about his identity. He was only described as a 63 year old man from Crawfordville. 

A full investigation was planned to determine the cause of the accident and gather more information about the events leading up to the collision. 

Lawsuits that are caused by faulty products or mechanical errors

An important aspect of any lawsuit related to this car accident will be the malfunctioning tire. The manufacturer may have designed the part poorly, or improper maintenance may have been performed by a mechanic. In either situation it may be possible to bring the party responsible to civil court. 

There is a large section of the civil law related to products liability. This means that any product must be fit for its intended use without causing injury or damage. In a situation where a tire manufacturer ships tires that do not perform as intended and cause accidents, this manufacturer is strictly liable for any damage caused by the products that they placed into the stream of commerce. This is why recalls for defective automobile parts are common. 

Determining damages

If the faulty product causes serious injuries or death, the manufacturer may have to pay large sums of money to everyone affected. This can include compensation for medical treatment, lost income and wages, property damage, and non-economic damages related to emotional trauma and pain. Calculating damages can be one of the more complex aspects of a civil injury case, so it is best to discuss the value of a possible settlement or verdict with a local lawyer. 

Speak with an attorney after any kind of motor vehicle accident

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