Tallahassee area hit and run accident left a victim who needed to be taken to the hospital

The Florida Highway Patrol responded to a crash in Tallahassee where one driver left the scene and another person sustained serious injuries. 

Accident on Florida highway results in vehicle damage and hospitalization

The state police said that the incident began when a 42 year old male from Panama City was driving southbound on U.S. Highway 27. A 2016 Corvette was in front of his vehicle. 

The driver suddenly collided with the rear end of the Corvette. After the impact, the Corvette came to a rest in a ditch on the side of the roadway, but the driver who caused the accident sped away from the crash scene. 

When the Florida Highway Patrol arrived on the scene, they noticed that the Corvette driver was seriously injured and needed to be taken to a local hospital right away. They later caught up to the other driver several miles north of the accident scene. He will be charged with leaving the scene of an accident and other crimes. 

In addition to FHP officers, the Leon County Sheriff, Tallahassee Fire Department, and Tallahassee Police assisted with the investigation and treating the injured driver. 

Charges for leaving the scene

Leaving the scene of a car accident is illegal in every state in the U.S. and it is a criminal misdemeanor in the state of Florida. Drivers are supposed to make contact after a collision, exchange insurance information, and contact the police or fire department if necessary. 

In some situations, a driver who has left the scene will be presumed to be at fault for the purposes of insurance claims and civil lawsuits. This can be beneficial to the plaintiff in a civil case, but there may be delays while law enforcement tracks down the driver. 

The process of suing the driver at fault

In these kinds of situations, it is important for the victim to contact a civil attorney as soon as possible after contacting the police and their insurance company to create a record of the incident. A lawyer will begin to do their own investigation and gather evidence related to the crash. After this, the attorney can draft a complaint that is filed in the local civil courts. This document gives a statement surrounding the facts of the accident, a legal argument as to why the defendant is at fault, and a summary of the damages. After the defendant is served with this complaint, they can respond by agreeing with the statements in the document and settling the case, or they can choose to proceed to trial and present their own case. 

Learn more about accident lawsuits

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