The law is supposed to be upheld and honored by police officers across the United States. However, cases of police brutality are not uncommon, and officers often end up abusing their power instead of utilizing it to make the streets a safer place. Generally, police brutality cases go unnoticed as people are too afraid to complain against an officer, however, one recent incident has received a lot of much-needed coverage across various news channels.

A 15-year-old African American student was pepper-sprayed, body slammed, and hit in the head while being arrested by two officers. There was video footage recorded on a nearby phone, and it was shared widely across social media. The recording further revealed that the boy had his head smashed into the concrete multiple times as well.

The boy was attacked and arrested on school grounds when an officer saw him picking up a cellphone that his friend had dropped. Investigators visited the parents’ house and informed them that no charges would be made against their son and that the officer’s conduct was being thoroughly investigated as his brutal behavior could easily be counted as child abuse.

After the incident went viral on social media, the sheriff’s office was bombarded with protestors who demanded justice and who demanded more control over the way officers conducted their arrest, especially with minors. Both officers who were involved in this case of excessive force were suspended from their positions until further notice.

When should I call a police brutality attorney?

Anyone who has been hurt by an officer or brutally arrested by an officer should contact a police brutality attorney to learn whether they are eligible to make a legal claim against the officer. Officers are granted qualified immunity by the law which makes it more complicated to litigate directly against them. However, as the above case shows, both police officers who used excessive force were suspended from their position because there was video evidence to prove their behavior was completely unnecessary.

Gathering evidence is vital for anyone who wishes to win a police brutality case. Victims of police brutality or misconduct should make sure to keep as much evidence as safe as possible in order to strengthen their case if it ever escalates to a court trial. Everything from pictures of bruises, photographs of the scene of the incident, and videos of the actual encounter can be used to prove the misconduct they faced. Police officers have sworn to serve and protect the community at large and if they fail to uphold their responsibility, they deserve to be held accountable for their actions.

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