Despite their best efforts, law enforcement may not be able to determine exactly what happened to cause a serious motor vehicle accident. However, you can still retain a lawyer in these situations and proceed with the early stages of a civil case based on the information available.

Fatal accident was investigated but many questions remain

A motorcyclist was killed in Tallahassee near the intersections of North Monroe Street and Allen Road. The incident began at approximately 3:30pm on a Tuesday afternoon. The motorcycle rider and one other vehicle crashed in the area, and one fatality has been confirmed. There was no information regarding the status of the other driver, or if anyone else was injured. 

The northbound lanes from John Knox Road to Sharer Road were totally closed off. Allen Road was also blocked from the Center of Tallahassee to the nearby YouFit location. Drivers were asked to totally avoid this area while the investigation was taking place and emergency crews remained on the scene. Traffic Homicide investigators were also called into the area, but it was unclear whether anyone would face criminal charges. 

The Tallahassee Police Department asked for witnesses to come forward with more information. They would be accepting anonymous tips through the local crime stoppers phone number as well.

How to respond to an accident where few details are known

Even if law enforcement does not have many details immediately available after an accident, there are still a number of things a victim can do to preserve their chances to win a civil lawsuit

In the immediate aftermath, there should be contact with the local police or fire department and the driver’s insurance provider. These actions will help start the process of the investigation and provide an accident report that is a formal piece of legal documentation. The observations and opinions of emergency workers on the scene will help determine what happened in the moments before the crash and which driver is at fault. This report can become an important piece of evidence in a civil trial as well. In cases where conclusions cannot be made at the scene or the driver responsible fled the area, there will be a continued investigation to try to find out who is responsible for all damages. Criminal charges may need to be filed by the state as information is uncovered.

Your lawyer will work diligently to find as much information about the incident as they can as well. They can use the information they have to help you prevail and receive as much compensation as necessary to cover your losses. 

Speak with the right legal professional after an accident 

To learn more about civil lawsuits related to motor vehicle accidents, contact the attorneys at Smith and Vanture. They serve local clients in Florida and the Tallahassee area with excellent legal advice and representation. 

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