Tallahassee truck accident causes delays and leaves two drivers seriously hurt

While some truck accidents only cause minor inconveniences for drivers, injuries can be serious or deadly for those directly affected by a collision. The civil law provides victims with a number of remedies through legal action if they need compensation to help cover their expenses. 

A truck crash on Interstate Highway 10 in Tallahassee Florida caused major delays for drivers in the area.

Highway 10 is blocked after two trucks collide 

The Florida Highway Patrol responded to the area of Mile Marker 195 on I-10 at about 4 am on a Wednesday morning. They believe that two semi tractor trailers were travelling in the same direction in lanes next to each other. For some reason, one of the drivers seemed to totally lose control of his vehicle. The driver of the truck in the center lane crashed into the semi in the outside lane. Both vehicles continued to move for several yards after the accident, and then finally came to a rest where they blocked both lanes.   

The truck drivers were two men from out of state. One was a 49 year old from Louisiana and the other was a 54 year old from California. After police arrived on the scene, they noticed the serious injuries both men had sustained,  and arranged for immediate transportation to Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare. 

In the aftermath of the truck accident, exits from 192 to 196 in Leon County were blocked off and traffic started to back up for several miles. Florida Highway Patrol announced that the roads were cleared and traffic was flowing as normal several hours later. No information was given regarding whether the driver responsible would be given traffic citations or charged criminally.  

Making the trucking company pay for damages

Trucking businesses are often responsible for serious damage when a driver makes a careless mistake. Victims may be permanently injured in an accident. They can sustain property damage to their home, business, or vehicle, and people are even killed at times. The best way to attempt to receive help after any of these losses is to file a civil lawsuit. Negligence cases can be used to make the driver at fault pay for all damages that can be traced back to the initial accident. 

What is a negligence lawsuit?

Most accident and personal injury cases are filed as negligence cases. This is an area of tort law that essentially says a driver or other person who has made a mistake should pay victims for all of the problems that they have caused. The plaintiffs attorney will need to establish that the defendant acted carelessly or recklessly and actually caused some kind of losses to their client. Once this is done, they can ask for a certain amount of damages, which is the term for money related to those losses. If they prevail, a settlement or jury trial will award an amount that should cover things like medical bills, lost wages and earning capacity, and emotional or mental trauma from the accident. 

Talk to a local lawyer who practices in the Tallahassee area

Smith and Vanture is a firm that focuses on helping victims after various kinds of automobile accidents in Leon County and nearby parts of Florida. 

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