Drivers in the state of Florida have to deal with all kinds of inconveniences related to car accidents on a regular basis. These problems are even more pronounced in major cities due to high volumes of traffic and pedestrians. 

A nighttime crash involving an automobile and a pedestrian claimed one life and injured a child in Tallahassee. 

Grandmother is killed in a traffic accident

The Tallahassee police and fire departments responded to the area of West Tennessee Street and White Drive. They believe that a car going westbound on West Tennessee Street suddenly swerved to the side to avoid a collision with other vehicles in the roadway. When this happened, the vehicle went off of the road surface and onto the sidewalk. A grandmother and her young grandchild were hit by the car near the side of the road.   

The local police confirmed that the 45 year old woman who was pushing the stroller died. The minor was transported to a local hospital with injuries. 

All of the westbound traffic through the area was closed while officers began their accident investigation. No further details about the identity of the victims or possible citations for the driver were released at the time of the news report.  

What will a personal injury lawyer do after a conversation about your accident? 

Many victims ask what their lawyer can do for them and why it is important to get legal representation. They also worry about whether they can afford legal representation. 

Most civil injury lawyers work on a contingent fee. This means that you do not owe them anything unless they win money on your behalf, and they are only paid out of your verdict or settlement, rather than paying them up front. 

During the initial consultation, the lawyer may want to know some basic facts and about when and where the accident happened, how many vehicles were involved, and what kind of injuries were found afterwards. It is also helpful to provide copies of things like accident reports, insurance claim paperwork, and pictures of the scene. 

As the case progresses, the lawyers for both the plaintiff and the defendant will exchange information in the discovery process. Based on what details emerge throughout this sharing of info, the lawyers can either choose to make a settlement agreement for a fair amount based on the accident or choose to let a jury decide at the conclusion of a trial. 

Learn more about your options from a local personal injury firm

There are attorneys who assist accident victims in Tallahassee and nearby areas. They can speak with you about the possibility of a lawsuit or other options. Get in touch with:

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