A messy divorce can sometimes lead to domestic violence and other crimes if the situation is not handled carefully. An attorney can file for a protective order or get other forms of help to make sure both spouses are safe and the situation is resolved as quickly as possible. 

Lakeland police find the bodies of a couple that had been going through a divorce 

Local police received multiple 911 calls regarding a possible shooting at the WillowBrooke Apartment Complex on Oakbridge Parkway in Polk County, east of the city of Tampa. When they first arrived, they immediately found a woman who was recently deceased with one gunshot wound on her body. 

When officers from both the Lakeland Department and Polk County began to investigate, they also found the body of the woman’s husband. He was in his backyard, apparently dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. His house is about 15 miles away from where his wife’s body was found. 

Based on the initial investigation, it appears that the two of them had been going through a turbulent divorce. Police believe that the man killed his estranged wife, then shot himself shortly afterward on that Wednesday afternoon. The incident will likely be ruled a murder-suicide. 

Local police did not find any prior records of domestic violence calls or any other incidents involving the two spouses. The man had lived at the apartment where his body was found for about a year prior. 

Law enforcement plans to conduct a full investigation and ask for help from neighbors and witnesses in the area. 

Getting help before a divorce turns violent

If you believe that your spouse will become violent, it is best to contact law enforcement and a lawyer who can help you get a protective order. This prevents another person who will potentially harm you from coming into contact in person or calling you. These are routinely issued for domestic violence situations, and most judges will grant them as long as there is any kind of legitimate threat or fear of violence. A lawyer can assist with the filings to get the order as soon as possible. 

No fault divorces in Florida

While fear of violence and crime is certainly a serious enough reason to get divorced, Florida’s laws help simplify the divorce process. A no fault divorce essentially means that one or both of the spouses believe that the marriage is permanently broken and it should be dissolved. This allows the divorce process to begin for any reason to simple differences to much more serious problems.  

Speak with a divorce lawyer in the Tampa area

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