It was around 8:25 a.m. when 32-year-old Heather Conrad was crossing Walnut Street heading east. As Conrad began making her way across the roadway, she was struck by a TANK bus that happened to be turning left from Fourth Street onto Walnut Street. A witness told 911 that they were located in front of the KeyBank and although they were trying not to move her, she was in severe pain. The witness also said Conrad was trying to crawl out from under the bus.
After emergency responders arrived on the scene, they reported that Conrad had suffered serious injuries to her legs and transported her to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center for treatment. Fox 19 Now highlighted that Conrad was in the crosswalk at the time of the incident and appeared to have had the right-of-way. As a result of the accident, the 62-year-old bus operator who has been operating buses with the company for 16 years, was placed on administrative leave pending the completion of the investigation.

12-Year-old Suffers Brain Injury After Driver Causes Accident with Pleasant Hill School Bus

Just a few days prior to this incident, a bus carrying students from Pleasant Hill Academy was involved in a serious accident. According to Fox 19 Now, Robert Jett, 23, was the driver who set the crash off as he “attempted to drive his Crown Victoria past another car before losing control.” He then hit a Dodge Neon that was forced to cross the double line which then collided with the school bus. There were about 40 students on board the bus at the time of the collision, several of which sustained injuries. Twelve-year-old Heaven McBride was transported to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in critical condition. She had suffered from a bleeding brain and kidneys, a broken pelvis, and a broken eye-socket.
The source also highlighted that at least nine other students suffered injuries but they did not appear to be serious. The bus driver was also hospitalized. As for the individuals who were traveling in the Neon, the male driver had to be extricated from his vehicle and his two-year-old was thrown from the car. The condition of the one-year-old was not reported.
After the unfortunate accident occurred, Pleasant Hill Academy sent home a letter to all the parents assuring them that support was available to their kids. The school stated that they had district crisis counselors available to speak with students as well as school-based mental health Central Clinic Staff.
When a child is involved in an accident and/or sustains an injury, it can be a very difficult time for them as well as their family. It is important that as someone who has a child who was involved in a school bus accident you receive all the support you can get to ensure your child is able to receive all the medical care they require. And if you would like to
As a parent of a child who suffered an injury in a bus accident, it is important you become aware of your legal rights so you can take the necessary action so that your child is properly compensated for the pain and suffering they have had to endure.
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