Two teen girls were transported to the hospital last week after engaging in a traumatic accident while riding their scooter. It was around 8:50 p.m. when the two were riding together on East Eighth Street which is about a block down from the Dorchester Street intersection. At some point during their ride, a witness said the teens headed down a side street from the Old Colony housing complex and that is when they collided with a pickup truck. A resident who had been outside at a barbeque told the Boston Globe that he had seen multiple scooters being driven just before the accident occurred.
After police and medics arrived on scene, the girls were taken to the hospital, one who had suffered life-threatening injuries and the other who was said to have sustained serious injuries. The Chevrolet pickup truck driver remained at the scene for questioning and the news source stated that no criminal charges were filed just yet against the truck driver. The scooter was seen tipped on its side with its blinker still on.
What are some safety tips teens can implement to make their ride a safer one?

  1. Get the proper training. Teens should be adequately trained to ride a moped or scooter. How can they do this? Lowest Price Traffic School recommends they “practice extensively in a variety of road and weather conditions.”
  2. Choose the roads you ride on wisely. Avoid roadways that have heavy, fast-moving traffic.
  3. Be aware of any cars that are riding too closely. If you were to make an abrupt stop and a vehicle happened to be riding rather close to you, you risk having that vehicle run over you. Therefore, avoid coming to a stop unexpectedly when sharing the roadway with others and consider moving out of the way of vehicles that seem to be traveling too close behind.
  4. Avoid carrying a passenger. Unless you have the proper training and feel comfortable in doing so, avoid having a passenger ride on the scooter with you. Those who feel inexperienced with riding and/or struggle with balance may want to avoid having a passenger traveling with them as well.


Fuel Tanker Loses Control of Vehicle on I-91 and Rolls Over

In more recent news, we learn that the driver of a fuel tanker truck transporting 9000 gallons of gasoline was killed after he lost control of his vehicle while driving on I-91. Mass Live reported on the incident and stated that the trucker had been traveling through a construction zone in Whately where the two lanes of travel had been reduced to only one. Police say the driver then lost control of the truck, ran off the right side of the highway into a ditch, and rolled over. The trucker, whose identity has not yet been released, was pronounced dead at the accident scene.
As a result of the major accident, traffic was diverted off I-91 at the North Hatfield exit and onto Route 5. Traffic was then permitted to enter back onto the highway at the Route 116 entrance in South Deerfield. Massachusetts State Police sent out a Twitter message after the incident saying that it would take between five and six hours to offload the tanker’s load and clean up the scene.
With roadways becoming more congested in the summer, now is the time to put any and all safety measures you have into practice. Kids of all ages need to become more aware of the dangers that exist on the roadways and those operating large trucks carrying heavy loads need to be alert and attentive.
With roadways becoming busier during the summer months, remember to drive cautiously and remind your teen to be careful when out riding their bike or moped.
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