14-year old Madison Coe was killed while taking a bath and using her cellphone.
We all carry our cellphones with us everywhere as they have become a rather reliant source. Whether we use them to search the web, check or update our social media status, or make a call, our cellphones are our go-to device that provides us with the resources we are seeking.
Unfortunately, while there is always a good side to something, there can also be a bad one. That same theory applies to cellphones. They are reliable, helpful, and make life easier under certain circumstances, but they can be rather dangerous. Just a few months back the Samsung S7 device was recalled as it was exploding and injuring consumers who had purchased it. And now, we are learning from a recent story that was released on Fox 59 News that highlights yet another hazard cell phones carry along with them.

Why you should never have your cellphone near your bath

As you know, plugged in electronics are never supposed to be placed near or in water as one could become electrocuted should the item get wet. Hairdryers are extremely dangerous when plugged in and in the same vicinity where water is present. Cellphones too can be harmful and even fatal if even a small amount of water gets on or inside of it while they are charging.
In a tragic accident that occurred on Sunday July 9th, a 14-year old in Lovington, New Mexico was electrocuted when she went to grab her cellphone that was charging. Madison Coe, 14, was the innocent victim of horrific accident that took her life. According to Coe’s relatives, she had plugged her cellphone in while taking a bath and must have grabbed the phone as she had a burn mark on her hand. It isn’t exactly clear as to what caused her death, whether it was the phone falling into the bath or Coe grabbing it while sitting in the bath.
Coe had just graduated from the eighth grade and was from Lubbock, Texas.
Accident lawyers in Texas can only imagine what this family must be going through as they have handled various personal injury cases involving accidents caused by cellphones.

How You Can Avoid a Cellphone Accident

One thing Coe’s family wants everyone to take away from this tragedy is how dangerous it is to use a charging cellphone while inside the bathroom. And just as dangerous as this is, it is equally important to not sleep with your cellphone on your bed or under your pillow. There is talk that the radiofrequency energy that cellphones emit can cause cancer and are hazardous to our health so it always good idea to take a break and not always have them in hand or in our pockets at all times.
In order to avoid an accident, don’t bring your cellphone into the bathroom.
While this accident doesn’t show signs of negligence on part of the cellphone company, there are victims out there that have been harmed by a defective or faulty cellphone that are entitled to seek compensation for their injuries as well as the pain and suffering they have had to endure. Accident lawyers in Texas and even in New Mexico can help anyone who might be dealing with a similar circumstance who is looking to hire legal aid.

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