Ten people were indicted in the death of 8 non-citizens after fatal Texas crash.

Texas – November 10, 2021

Texas law officials have announced that ten people have been indicted in connection to a deadly March 2021 crash that killed eight noncitizens. Federal agents have arrested nine of the ten charged in an 11-count indictment involving human smuggling.  The accident occurred during a suspected smuggling run, when the Dodge pickup carrying non-citizens caused a head-on collision with a Ford F-150, while evading DPS troopers that resulted in fatal injury to 8 undocumented passengers at the scene.   Loved ones and surviving victims of the crash should contact a Texas accident lawyer to determine if they have a case for damage compensation.

Fourteenth Amendment.

The right for accident victims to sue in Texas is not based on citizenship.  The 14th Amendment allows for equal protection under the law, and that includes immigrants who are undocumented.  Victims should seek out a car accident attorney for guidance on damage recovery in personal injury claims to cover expenses of bodily harms. The mere act of filing a civil lawsuit will not affect an accident victim’s immigration status.

Accidental brain injury.

Overcrowded automobile crashes without safety restraints could lead to brain injuries as passengers’ bodies would give way to being slammed, or thrown around the back of a van, thereby suffering body, spine, and brain injury.  Assistance from brain injury attorneys at the Cooper Law Firm in Dallas may be required to prove that another’s negligence caused the brain damage, enabling accident victims to recover necessary compensation to address the resultant harms.

Blunt trauma is a serious type of head injury that can occur in an automobile accident when a moving head strikes a stationary object like the windshield, a door, or the roof of vehicle in rollover situations.  It is important for accident victims to receive proper diagnostic screening even when injuries seem minor because traumatic brain injury (TBI), referred to as an invisible epidemic, may have caused more damage than is visible. Head injuries can have short and long term negative effects on accident victims and TBI-related disability can cause enormous financial burdens for victims and families.


When a personal injury attorney is successful with insurance carrier communications, a claim award may pay for the expenses of  medical treatment, future medical expenses, changes in life expenses, lost and future wages, and compensation for any future loss of companionship, comfort, and affection.  Texas law also allows a jury to award punitive damages in a personal injury case, but the plaintiff must prove by clear and convincing evidence that the defendant’s conduct was found to be reckless, intentional, egregious, and harmful, resulting in the injury, or wrongful death of a person.

Hire an attorney.

Brain injury lawyers at The Cooper Law Firm in Dallas have the experience to research all relevant accident and car insurance laws with a focus on a victim’s unique case, and can digest that information in support of a case, while tracking governmental agency and court filing timelines relevant to comprehensive award judgments.

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