Nashville, TN – A motor vehicle accident can often become a burden on victims in a number of different ways. Aside from the physical injuries, there may be a number of issues that need to be addressed with insurance companies, vehicle repair shops, and healthcare professionals. When an attorney can draft a settlement agreement and get the defendant to agree, the stress and expense of a trial will be taken away. 

What is in a settlement agreement related to a motor vehicle accident?

This is essentially a contract that says the defendant and plaintiff will agree to end the case and all legal action in exchange for certain terms that are mutually agreed upon. The most crucial of these terms usually involves a payment of a sum of money to the plaintiff that is comparable to what was asked for in the complaint filed in civil court. 

What are the benefits of settling a case early? 

There are a number of different reasons why a case may settle rather than go through a full trial. In terms of motor vehicle accidents, this usually happens when the evidence of fault from one side is overwhelming, and the defendant risks losing more money by allowing a jury to decide the total amount of damages available to the plaintiff. 

The discovery process, depositions, hearings for certain pre-trial motions, bringing in witnesses on trial day, and other forms of preparation can result in large litigation costs and lost time that could be spent on other matters or new cases. It is usually beneficial for both the attorney and their client to accept a sum of money that satisfies most losses rather than go through this process, especially if the outcome will be obvious. 

Learning more about specific amounts

The amounts mentioned in the agreement will usually coincide with the specific harms sustained by the plaintiff. An attorney will give more concrete details, but this sum will normally contain an amount that will assist with things like medical treatment, property repairs, lost wages, and other problems caused by the collision. The more severe the accident, the larger these amounts will be in most cases. However, there are also other factors that may affect the value of the settlement and other conditions that the opposing side may require to ensure that the case will end completely after the contract is executed. 

Speaking with a personal injury attorney about losses and property damage

There are experienced lawyers who focus on motor vehicle accidents and personal injury law in Tennessee. George Fusner is available to assist clients in the Nashville area with their issues and provide guidance throughout the process of filing a lawsuit and going to trial or settling the case. 

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The Law Office of George R. Fusner

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