Some of the most common legal actions are related to motor vehicle accidents that result in various kinds of injuries. These cases are so important because they are one of the only ways a victim can afford lots of sudden, unplanned costs such as medical treatment and lost wages.  

A car accident in Smyrna Tennessee resulted in injuries to three women.  

Two cars collide near a gas station

Police believe that the crash happened when a Ford Escape and Toyota Highlander were near the entrance to a Mapco gas station. As one of the vehicles was leaving the location at 1883 Almaville Road, both cars collided at about 6:30pm. 

Each car was occupied by one female driver, and there was also a passenger in one of the vehicles. One of the drivers was taken to Vanderbilt Hospital for treatment, while the other driver was given medical attention at the scene. The passenger was brought to Tristar Stonecrest hospital. Photos of the accident scene showed severe damage to both vehicles.  

Law enforcement plans on completing a full investigation related to the cause of the accident and vehicle damage. 

Personal injury lawsuits

Personal injury cases are a broad area of the civil law that covers all kinds of accidents and injuries. The main purpose of these cases is to allow victims to receive proper compensation for their expenses related to the accident. 

After someone is injured, they are usually put in a bad situation where they have to cover medical costs, miss time from work, and deal with other unforeseen expenses. A lawsuit against the person or business responsible is actually the best way to deal with these large expenses, even if insurance coverage is available. Most insurance policies often have limits that are much smaller than what a victim can possibly receive through a settlement or jury verdict. 

Negligence cases

A personal injury lawsuit is actually a negligence case in most situations. This is an area of tort law that says a person who causes losses or damage through some kind of carelessness is financially responsible for any problems that they caused. These are strictly civil lawsuits, and if the government wants to charge someone for behavior that caused an accident, they have to do so separately through the criminal court system.  

Ways that negligence is proven by an attorney

A lawyer who handles these kinds of cases will have to show several things to prevail in court. The first element is related to a standard duty of care and breach of that duty. Next is causation, and damages are the final element. In situations where someone is at fault for an accident, it is fairly straightforward to prove that they were not driving properly for some reason and caused a crash through careless driving. Damages are the most important element because they allow the plaintiff’s lawyer to add up all the costs for things like medical expenses and treatment, lost wages, and any other problems related to the accident. The lawyer then attempts to get this total from a settlement or jury trial.    

Learn more about bringing a case against the driver responsible

Attorneys who assist accident victims throughout the state of Tennessee are available to help after a collision. George R. Fusner assists local clients with their personal injury cases.

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