Tennessee driver did not survive a highway collision with a wall

Even if a single driver is involved in an accident with no other cars at fault, it can still be beneficial to get legal advice. Various kinds of civil lawsuits will allow a victim or their family members to collect compensation that is related to the losses sustained in the collision.  

A fatal accident happened on Interstate 40 near Nashville, Tennessee. 

Man dies while driving through Nashville on a highway

The incident began when the victim was driving his 1997 Ford Econoline van through downtown Nashville near the Demonbreun Street bridge. At around 7:30pm, he drove his van off of the side of the road for unknown reasons and struck a concrete wall. Police believe the vehicle drifted across all three lanes on that section of highway before coming into contact with the concrete. The victim was not wearing his seatbelt at the time. 

After the impact, emergency crews arrived and transported the lone victim to Vanderbilt Medical Center. Medical personnel at the hospital confirmed his death a short time later. 

The 60 year old male victim’s identity was released by the Metro Police after their initial investigation. The medical examiner would also be performing a toxicology report to determine if drunk driving was a contributing cause. No one else appeared to be involved in the crash or injured. There were also no witnesses immediately available to confirm if any other vehicle or road obstacle affected the victim. 

What can a victim’s family do after a single car accident? 

It is best to file an insurance claim and report the incident to the police as required after any accident. The reports that are generated can be used along with other evidence from the scene to determine the cause of the accident. This can include problems with the vehicle itself. A lawyer can recommend a course of action based on all of the information available, which may include a civil wrongful death case or other types of personal injury claims.

Deadly accidents and wrongful death cases

After fatal accidents, certain family members are allowed to file a wrongful death lawsuit. This allows them to recover losses on behalf of a person who has died, because they cannot personally file the lawsuit. Wrongful death claims cover expenses such as funeral, burial, and future lost wages. This is not a criminal case, and it can be filed regardless of whether any person or business at fault is ever charged criminally. 

Local attorneys can advocate on your behalf 

Some law firms focus exclusively on helping accident victims get assistance through the legal process. To learn more about lawsuits and other possible remedies after an accident, contact:

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