Tennessee drivers were hurt when another vehicle chased them and opened fire on their car

Some motor vehicle accidents can result in both civil and criminal cases. While the decision to pursue criminal penalties lies mostly with the state, a victim should retain their own civil attorney and look into a personal injury lawsuit to receive compensation for their injuries. 

Police in Tennessee are investigating a car crash that may have also been tied to criminal activity

Two men injured when their Camaro rolled over

The incident began when Mt. Juliet police were called to respond to a crash at about 7:30pm on a Saturday. The collision happened at the 1800 block of Golden Bear Gateway, right near Mt. Juliet High School. They found two males inside of a Chevy Camaro who were seriously hurt when their vehicle rolled over. 

Police also think that there may have been some type of argument between the victims and occupants of another car before the crash. They said that a four door Infiniti SUV may have fired gunshots at the Camaro. A witness in the area filmed the Infiniti vehicle chasing the Camaro just before the crash. 

One of the victims was airlifted by LifeFlight to a nearby hospital. An ambulance was also seen leaving the scene, most likely to transport the other victim. At the time of the news report it was unknown whether anyone in the area was hit by the gunfire.

Local police closed the road near the scene while they conducted a full investigation. They also encouraged witnesses to come forward with more information. 

Accidents that involve related crimes and traffic offenses

If an accident involves criminal activity or violations of traffic laws, this can be beneficial to the plaintiff. Evidence of violations of statutes can also be used as evidence of negligence. However, the civil lawsuit related to a car crash is still a separate case that will ultimately need to be decided by a jury or through a settlement agreement. 

Civil car accident cases are all about proving negligence. This is the legal term that is used to say one driver was a fault for committing an error on the road and causing injuries to others. The element of damages in a negligence case is the sum of the plaintiff’s losses such as medical bills and missed time from work.  

If there is a situation where a driver committed an intentional act to harm another person, a civil case can be brought as well under the theory of an intentional tort. These civil cases can be brought regardless of whether the state decides to file criminal charges or not. 

Speak with an attorney after a motor vehicle accident

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