Tennessee police are looking for a driver after an accident on Interstate 65

When a driver flees the area and cannot be located after an accident, this puts the victims in a difficult situation. However, after assisting police with the investigation, contacting their insurance company, and speaking with a lawyer, victims still may be able to file a lawsuit or take other measures to be compensated. 

The Tennessee Highway Patrol is in the process of investigating a fatal accident that may have been caused by a hit and run. After some confusion in the immediate aftermath of the crash, police now believe that the driver who caused the crash quickly drove away. 

Four car crash on I-65 causes injuries and one death

The incident happened on Interstate 65 in Williamson County near mile marker 61 and the Peytonsville Road exit. Just before midnight, investigators believe that a silver SUV initially made contact with a Hyundai Veracruz. After this initial impact, the Veracruz was pushed into a nearby Chevy Impala. The Impala was t-boned by a fourth driver in a Toyota Sequoia shortly afterward. After all four cars were affected by this chain reaction accident, police think that the driver of the unidentified silver SUV that caused the crash sped off without contacting any other drivers or law enforcement. 

All four people who were in the three cars that remained at the scene needed to be taken to local hospitals for various injuries. One of these victims,a 38 year old female who was in the Chevy Impala, died shortly afterward while being treated. The southbound section of Interstate 65 where the crash happened needed to be closed off for several hours until early the next morning while law enforcement redirected traffic around the area and conducted a preliminary investigation. Footage from the accident scene showed emergency vehicles and debris spread over all of the road’s lanes.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol asked for members of the public to leave tips or information regarding the SUV driver that was not found.  

How can victims get help after a hit and run? 

After any motor vehicle crash, it is important to retain any accident reports or documentation along with pictures of the scene. These will be important for both your insurance claim and an initial consultation with an attorney. The lawyer can provide advice regarding how you should proceed and the potential value of your case after a brief conversation. 

The accident investigation and criminal charges

Law enforcement will need assistance from those involved and members of the general public to collect any information that may lead to the arrest of the hit and run driver. They will still provide a standard accident report to the drivers involved who remained on the scene, even if there may have been others involved. 

Regardless of what happens with criminal charges against the suspect, accident victims can still file a civil personal injury lawsuit against the person responsible. The criminal and civil cases against the driver will be handled separately.  

Lawyers can speak with you after any kind of motor vehicle crash

For assistance from an experienced firm in the state of Tennessee, contact The Law Office of George R. Fusner. You will receive advice regarding how to proceed based on the specific facts surrounding your case. 

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