Tennessee woman became the victim of a hit and run driver while crossing an intersection

Walking through the streets of any city can be dangerous at night, especially due to reduced visibility and the possibility that drivers may be distracted or impaired. When a pedestrian is injured by a careless driver, it is important to contact both law enforcement and an attorney who handles accident cases. 

Memphis police were investigating a driver who hit a pedestrian and then left the accident scene

Search for hit and run driver continues in Memphis area

The incident began at the intersection of Lamar Avenue and American Way. The victim had recently exited her car and was walking near the intersection when a vehicle struck her. The driver of the car quickly fled the scene and did not attempt to stop, notify the police, or render any kind of aid. No description of the vehicle was given in the report.

Police responded to the scene just after 3 am. The victim was pronounced dead by emergency workers a short time later. Memphis Police said that the investigation was still active and ongoing, and they had little information about the suspect. 

Responding to a hit and run accident

It is a crime to leave the scene of an accident without making contact with the other parties or contacting the police in every state in the U.S. Drivers who commit this crime may be charged with either a misdemeanor or felony depending on the severity of the accident. However, the victim is in a difficult situation for the purposes of getting financial help when the suspect cannot be identified. The insurance process may prove to not be very helpful, and the person responsible will usually have to be found by police before they can be charged or sued in civil court. 

Lawsuits against drivers who are both negligent and charged criminally 

A civil case against the driver will be treated separately from the government’s criminal charges, and their final guilt or innocence will not affect the outcome of the civil injury lawsuit. The main benefit of the criminal charges for the plaintiff is that they will provide strong evidence of negligent or reckless behavior. 

The victim will still have to retain their own attorney and present evidence that the person responsible breached their standard duty of care on the roads. There will also be an opportunity for the victim’s lawyer to make an argument for compensation based on things like medical and hospital bills, property damage, and emotional pain and suffering caused by a traumatic accident. 

Talk to a local attorney who focuses on motor vehicle accidents

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