Local news for Houston reported on a south Texas man who died after an emergency room incident. His attorneys say that the situation is a clear cut case of medical malpractice, and they are filing a lawsuit.

32 year old man dies after a trip to the emergency room

The incident began the day after Christmas in 2013. The victim’s girlfriend said that he was experiencing severe cold and flu-like symptoms, and they went to the emergency room at Doctors Hospital Tidwell. The 32 year old male waited for several hours to be treated, and the emergency room staff argued with the family about needing several hundred dollars in upfront payments. They claimed that he merely had a cold, and gave him some medication to take. Later that day a doctor finally saw the victim, but noticed that he had been prescribed the wrong medication. 

The victim died shortly after this incident from anaphylactic shock. His girlfriend said that the emergency room appeared empty at the time, and it seems that no one was interested in helping them. The lawyer believes that the local coroner’s conclusion about his cause of death proves that he received improper treatment, as a healthy 32 year old male would not suddenly die of shock under normal circumstances. 

He also said that he is concerned about Texas laws regarding non-economic damages. The family’s compensation could possibly be capped at approximately $250,000, even though the victim’s life and future earning potential is worth much more to his family. Their attorney said that there are groups in Texas working on changing these laws, as many people in the state die in emergency rooms each year and they are not receiving enough compensation based on their families’ losses. 

What is anaphylactic shock?

This is a severe form of an allergic reaction that can occur within just a few short moments of exposure to a substance that causes an allergy. In some cases, this can be fatal due to symptoms such as decreased blood pressure, trouble breathing, nausea, and vomiting. In the news story above, the staff in the emergency room likely gave the victim a medication that he was allergic to, without first checking for any known allergies or prior health conditions that would cause a reaction. 

What is the value of a medical malpractice lawsuit?

Civil lawsuits can grow in value relative to the amount of harm caused. For example, someone who has a broken arm due to the defendant’s reckless behavior will not be able to collect nearly as much money as the victim’s family after a fatal accident. It is always best to talk to a lawyer about your specific case. 

Talk with a medical malpractice attorney

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