If foreign nationals wish to work in the United States for a temporary period and they are not looking to live there permanently, then they have the option of applying for a work visa.  There are many different types of work visas a person can apply for and anyone who wishes to come to the U.S on such a visa should first contact an immigration attorney in San Antonio, Texas.

It’s no secret that the immigration process can be a tedious one and small errors during form filing can have serious and sometimes permanent consequences. To make sure that a person is taking the correct legal route when applying for their work visa, they should first get advice and guidance from a qualified lawyer.

When a person applies for a work visa, they benefit from having certain rights. They have the right to be paid fairly by their employer. They also have the right to not be forced to work and the right to keep their passport in their own possession. Individuals who obtain a work visa further have the right to report any harsh working conditions, and the right to request the assistance of workers’ unions if they are not given what they were promised.

Anyone who comes to the United States on a work visa also has the right to access the justice system and to make legal complaints if required. Once a person has obtained a valid work visa they not only benefit from all these rights but many other tasks will become much easier for them as well.  It will become much easier for them to find a place to rent out and live because their landlord will have proof of their income potential.

Limitations of a work visa in San Antonio, Texas

Though there are many benefits of obtaining a work visa, there are also certain limitations that a person will face.

Work visas are usually only issued for a specified period and if a person wishes to remain in the United States longer, they must renew their visa. A person also does not have the liberty to leave and reenter the United States whenever they want as work visas do not allow the right of reentry. If a person fails to renew their visa before the expiration date, they will be compelled to leave the country so it is vital that the deadline is not missed.

Also, individuals can usually only work with the employer who hired them and can only switch employers in exceedingly rare circumstances.

Anyone looking to apply for a visa to come to the United States should speak with an immigration lawyer at the Law Office of J.Joseph Cohen as soon as possible to see what immigration option is best to suit their specific needs.

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