A patent is a legal form of protection that inventors secure to keep their inventions safe. These legal devices prevent other competitors from copying their designs or profiting from their idea without their consent. Patents generally offer protection to an invention for a specific time.

Patents are highly useful for all new inventors and the main purpose for which they were created is to help inventors have peace of mind when creating their products and bringing them out for the public to benefit from. Without a properly patented invention, a person may find it difficult to legally hold others responsible for profiting off their idea without their permission.

A patent needs to be applied for at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Unfortunately, like many legal documents, filing for a patent can be exceedingly difficult and the process can be unreasonably long if it is not carried out properly the first time. It is not uncommon for the office to reject inventors simply due to some missing information or due to an error in the procedure of application.

The reason why the process is so tedious is to make sure that this new patent does not take away the rights of any existing patent and to ensure that the new product is entirely a unique idea that has not already been invented and protected already.

Any inventor who wants to bring their product out into the market should first consult with a qualified patent attorney to discuss what sort of protection is available for them and to get help through the patent application process.

What different types of patents are available in Fort Lauderdale, Florida?

Depending on what a person has invented, they can apply for different patents that offer them the relevant protection they are seeking.

These include:

  • Utility patents (for machines, processes, and chemical compounds)
  • Designs patents (for a new appearance/ package design)
  • Plant patents (when a unique hybridized plant is produced)

If a person does not have all the necessary information that is required to fill out a patent claim, then they have the option of filing for a provisional application. A provisional application for a patent gives a person some limited rights for a short period of time so they have some form of protection over their invention.

The right patent can make all the difference in giving a person the motivation and confidence to start marketing their products to the public without fear of having their idea taken from them.

A patent attorney at Tucker Law can help a person determine whether they require a patent and they can also help them through the application procedure.

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