Whenever you go out boating with friends and/or family, it is important to assess who knows how to swim and who doesn’t. The truth is, you never know when an unexpected accident might occur, and you want to be prepared before one does so that no lives are put in jeopardy. One way you can prepare yourself and those who will be traveling aboard the boat with you is to ensure everyone is wearing a life jacket so that if anyone falls overboard or the boat crashes, the likelihood of someone drowning decreases significantly.
We see why it is crucial for you to take these precautionary measures after a boating incident occurred in Flagler Beach, FL that resulted in one person dying. According to WESH, a group of six individuals went out on a 19-foot boat one Sunday evening at the end of July when five of the passengers on board decided to jump off to go for a swim in the Halifax River. One of those individuals was 20-year-old Matthew Otis. Shortly after jumping in, a call was placed to 911. A panicked friend of Otis told the 911 dispatcher that his “buddy” jumped in the water and he didn’t think he could swim. He went on to say that he couldn’t find him.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation along with the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office were immediately dispatched to the scene and searched the waters until dark. They had no luck in locating Otis. Searchers resumed early Monday morning and just after 3:00 p.m., they finally recovered his body. After his family identified the body, he was transported back to St Augustine that same day.

Safety Precautions Everyone Should Take When Boating

As much fun as boating may be, there is always the chance that something may go wrong while out on the open waters. And that is why we are sharing with you a few safety measures you should consider taking to help keep everyone safe.
We never know when an unexpected accident might occur on a boat which is why you must always be prepared for the worst.

  1. While it is recommended that everyone wear a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket when going out on a boat, those who are young or aren’t experienced swimmers definitely need to have one on before the boat pulls off.
  2. Not only is important that life jackets be worn, but those wearing them need to be sure they are properly buckled and that they fit correctly.
  3. You should never rely on a swimming aid. Safekids says that while water rings and noodles are fun to play with while in the water, they shouldn’t be relied on as a flotation device.
  4. Only allow someone who is properly trained to operate the boat.
  5. Never consume alcohol while boating as it will impair your judgment and affect your ability to make good decisions.

Now, if you have been involved in a boating accident in Flagler Beach, FL or a family member of yours suffered a life-threatening injury as a result of one of these incidents, consider contacting accident attorney William B. White, Esq. Sometimes, there is a liable party that can be held accountable for the pain and suffering the accident has caused, and in other instances, you may need help recovering the compensation you are entitled to from your insurance company. Either way, it is important that you recover the funds necessary to help cover your medical expenses, etc. that have accrued as a result of the accident.
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