Before you vote, we wanted to make sure you had the FACTS about this election.

My opponent and her team have lied about me, my family and even altered pictures of me to change how I look. All those attacks are being funded by Tallahassee lobbyists and special interests who have poured over $40,000 into my opponent’s campaign.

So here are the FACTS:

FACT: I am the only Democratic candidate running who lives in District 81. My opponent admitted to the Sun Sentinel that she doesn’t live in the district.

FACT: My campaign is funded by local residents, close family and friends, and my personal resources. My opponent is bankrolled by Tallahassee donors and special interests to the tune of over $40,000.

FACT: I have no ties to special interests, I’m the only candidate who has released hundreds of local resident endorsements, and I have run a grassroots campaign. My opponent has the backing of the lobbyists and special interests who are funding her.

FACT: I am the only campaign that has outlined detailed plans, proposals and ideas to move our state forward. My opponent has released no plans, is running a “Donald Trump” style campaign full of negativity and lies, and her team altered images of me to change my appearance to try and win votes.

FACT: I am a community advocate, my daughter attends our local public schools, and I have worked to support our Democratic party, values and issues. I have worked on important issues with our Military Board Nominating Committee and the Florida Criminal Rules Procedure Committee, where we wrote statewide procedures for our courts. My opponent has run for office many times, and has lost her last two elections she had run in, both in different districts.

This election is about who is best prepared to serve our community and get things done. I am that leader, and I’m asking for your vote.

The last day to Early Vote is Sunday and the polls are open until 7 pm. Tuesday is Election Day, August 18th.

Please vote Michael Weinstein for State House District 81.

Thank you.

Michael Weinstein

Democrat for State House, District 81

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