DAYTONA BEACH, Florida. While divorce begins as an emotional and personal decision, it is important to remember that it is ultimately a financial and legal proceeding. Women, in particular, may be at risk of suffering some negative consequences as a result of divorce. What are some of these consequences and what can women do to protect themselves?

  • Income Disparities. Women who divorce may face greater income disparities than men who divorce. Women are more likely to have left the job force to have raised children. They also may be more likely to seek custody for children, meaning that women may face the double challenge of raising kids alone and finding a job to support their families. While women are able to seek child support, this still may not be enough to cover all expenses post-divorce. According to Livestrong, the average divorced woman has less money than the average married woman. The Atlantic notes that women see, on average, a 20% reduction in their income when a marriage ends while men can see a 30% increase. So, what can women do to protect themselves? These disparities make a strong case for alimony, particularly in cases where women gave up jobs to raise children or to support their partner in pursuing higher education. If you believe that your divorce will result in a lower quality of life for you or your children, you may want to speak to a qualified family lawyer.
  • Emotional Impact. Divorce can be tough emotionally, particularly on women who may find themselves raising children alone, or struggling to process the emotional aspects of the divorce.
  • Lack of Knowledge of their Rights. Divorcing women may not always be aware of their rights. If their partners asked for divorce suddenly, they may find themselves facing a range of legal questions. For instance, a mother who stayed home to raise her children may be entitled to child support and also possibly alimony. Some women may not be aware of these rights. Their ex-husbands may intimidate them with divorce paperwork, may threaten to take everything if they fight back, and women may be frightened to fight for their rights. However, failing to take the time to understand your rights can be costly. While you may just want to end the marriage and move on with your life, you could save money by taking the time to understand your legal rights. This is why it is wise to speak to a divorce lawyer before finalizing anything.

Despite these downsides, divorce can have a positive effect on many women’s lives. Women can experience greater well-being, a greater sense of freedom, and can have the opportunity to start over from a relationship that proved to be toxic. However, handling the legal aspects properly is incredibly important. Divorce is certainly not something to be rushed. To protect your rights, visit

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