The Law Aspects of Writing a College Research Paper

A research paper is a piece of academic writing that’s based on the writer’s original investigation on a particular topic. In this case, the writer owns everything, including the data, analysis, and interpretation of the research findings.

Most college students make it through their entire career life without falling into legal issues. But a few get into legal issues like copyright infringement and defamation. Here are a few legal aspects that you should consider when writing a college research paper.

Avoid plagiarism

Plagiarism is a major issue in research paper writing. Under no circumstance should you ever copy someone’s work and paste it into your writing. It doesn’t matter whether the resources you are using for the writing are either an academic journal, book, or blog. Just read the content that’s written and try to connect it to the topic.

Then jot down a few points from the synthesis you have made. Suppose you are dealing with a topic where ideas are limited, and you feel like you can easily plagiarize your work. Make sure that you use plagiarism checks to ensure that your content is original. These plagiarism apps will highlight the plagiarized parts and still calculate the plagiarism percentage.

Help with research paper

Research paper writing usually takes a lot of time if at all you have to write something that will earn your good marks. You have to carry out extensive research on the topic you specialize in. Getting enough time to sit and write without postponing your work is almost impossible in college. You have other educational projects that are pressuring, so the concentration is divided. If possible, you can seek help from the research paper writing service EduBirdie. With it, you will be able to escape law aspects like plagiarism or defamation and achieve great results that can help you shine bright.


Credit sources

Some students think they shouldn’t credit sources when they are not using the actual words. This is wrong! You should always credit sources where you get your research for anything the sources. This will protect you from plagiarism accusations and if you have to include misinformation in your writing process based on the sources.

That’s why credited sources are used as a fact-checking tool when the instructor is unsure what you are writing about. Accuracy is vital in every research paper. So, the lecturers will use the sources present to double-check whether whatever you have written is true. A simple citation shows how good you are in the research process.

Honesty and integrity

Honesty and integrity are not only vital for a letter of intent as you prepare for the UK law schools but also for research paper writing. You need to report the details that apply to the methods you used. If you have ever carried out some part of the research, you should avoid the data from those sources. Over time many factors change, and so are the results. This could be construed as trying to mislead people with fake information.

It’s better to write average content that causes trouble for yourself. When doing your investigation, you should always keep the acts of sincerity to avoid giving false information to your instructors. Avoid all issues that will lead to bias in your writing. Avoid any elements that may be suspected of personal interests by the instructor.

Avoid defamation

If someone identifies some defamation in your work, you can easily be sued. Defamation is the use of statements that distorts the third party’s reputation. This can be through a false statement. To avoid deformation in your writing, tell the truth. Telling the truth is always the defense against defamation. And in this case, you have to derive your sentiments from your findings.

If what you have written can be supported by evidence-based details, then there is no defamation. Make sure that you report it fairly and accurately. Just avoid deviating from your main points and “spinning” a statement that you do not fully understand. Sometimes you can convey your opinion instead of talking if something you cannot prove to be true. Fix the mistakes that are visible from your findings.


There are various law aspects that you should consider when writing your college paper. Here, you have to write facts based on your research without any deliberate exaggeration for personal interests. Keep off all elements of plagiarism and ensure that you cite correctly the sources you used for the research. Integrity and honesty will help you give consistent results without giving false information for personal gain. As a result, you will score very high on your paper.

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