Whenever it comes to riding a bike, there is always a fear of having an accident. There are multiple reasons that lead to have a minor or a severe motorcycle crash. Unfortunately, the loss and the injuries in such crashes can be severe to any extent and thousands of motorcyclists lose their lives every year. It has been noticed commonly and many types of research have shown evidence that many of the accidents do not necessarily happen because of the fault of the motorcycle rider. Here is a list of some of the most common reasons behind motorcycle crashes.


This is the leading cause of motorcycle crashes and all other auto accidents. Always adhere to the speed limits as they have been designed for your safety. Many riders who are over-speeding also tend to break other traffic rules as well just like moving through the lanes. Therefore, it is suggested to wear proper motorcycle gear especially motorcycle jackets that can reduce the impact of an injury. Here, you may know about different types and styles of motorcycle jackets.

Car Doors

Well, this is one of the causes of motorcycle crashes that happens because of the negligence of others. Sometimes, someone sitting in the car suddenly opens the door without looking outside and it comes in the way of a motorcycle and a serious accident happens.

Rough roads

It mostly happens when you are going on a long tour on your motorcycle. There come dangerous road conditions on a long tour and sometimes you have to do off-roading as well, which leads to severe crashes. If you’re fond of riding a motorcycle especially on long tours then you must read motorcycle touring hacks every rider should know.

Inappropriate Way of Changing Lane

Motorcycle riders tend to suddenly change the lane for their ease; however, it often leads to having severe accidents by colliding with the crossing cars. Lane splitting is also a common cause as people ride bikes between the two lanes. You can get heavily penalized for this act, as you put others’ lives in danger too.

Motorcycle Defects

Sometimes there are small defects in the motorcycles that riders usually ignore and as a result, they crash. It is always suggested to fix your motorcycle issues before you ride it, as it is one of the most essential requirements to ride a bike especially if you’re going on a long tour. For more information, read these important motorcycle touring requirements usually ignored.

Sudden Breaks

When you do not follow one traffic rule, it leads to breaking another one. Riders who are over-speeding may ignore the appropriate distance from the other vehicles and therefore while lane splitting, they instantly encounter a vehicle that is too close to them. As a result, they suddenly apply breaks to avoid colliding with it and the vehicle from the back hits.

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol

Motorcycle riders who ride while intoxicated or drunk mostly fall into accidents. It is their personal loss as well as the loss of others.

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