Boca Raton, FLMotor vehicle accidents can create all kinds of unexpected losses, healthcare problems, and expenses. This includes everything from repairing vehicle damage, treating medical problems and injuries, missing time from work, and other inconveniences such as increased auto insurance premiums. While it is always recommended to file an insurance claim and notify the provider after an accident, individuals who are experiencing financial problems should consider consulting with a lawyer as well to see if they can be paid through a lawsuit or settlement agreement. Additional legal help is usually necessary after serious accidents.  

Data related to the average costs of a car accident

In an average year, car accidents cost Americans about $230 billion annually, which averages to $820 per each driver every year. These amounts get larger when lost wages and job related problems are factored. There are approximately 27,000 car crashes of varying severity in the United States each day. Statistics such as this are part of the reason why car insurance can be a large expense.  

There is also the possibility that even a minor collision can cause auto insurance costs to skyrocket by hundreds or thousands of dollars each year. Collision policies have a deductible, which means that the driver will be responsible for paying this amount before the insurance coverage starts to help pay for repairs. There are even situations where a person can end up paying on a car loan after the vehicle was totally destroyed if the value of the car was less than the outstanding amount on the loan. 

Medical treatment for injuries caused by motor vehicle crashes is expensive as well. Back pain can require a meeting with a specialist like a chiropractor, and other injuries like whiplash can require long term medical treatment and care. If someone has to stay in the hospital for days or weeks after an accident, this usually costs thousands of dollars for each day that the victim must remain in the building.  

Getting legal help to pay for accident costs

While car insurance is one of the most common ways that accident costs are covered, getting an injury attorney to file a civil lawsuit is also helpful in many situations. There are limits on the amount of money that any policy will pay out, and depending on the specifics of the policy in force at the time of the accident certain losses may not be covered at all. 

Assistance is available from injury lawyers in Florida

Any accident victim should explore their legal options, including filing a civil personal injury lawsuit against the entity or person responsible for their losses. Rosenberg Injury Law serves clients with legal representation throughout the South Florida area and Boca Raton. 

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