Boca Raton, FL – There are a number of different regulations meant to keep individuals staying in nursing homes safe. In Florida, the government has required these facilities to meet certain guidelines for operations, and provide training for employees about required tasks. They must also be capable of providing these important services on a daily, around the clock basis. 

All healthcare decisions are crucial to keep an elderly person safe and free from various illnesses. This is especially true when someone is in a vulnerable condition. Government inspections and recommendations are ways to ensure that the home will not cause unnecessary illness or physical injuries.   

Government guidance for proper care at nursing homes

The Florida Department of Elder Affairs has provided information regarding requirements for nursing homes, along with how they operate and receive funding. These regulations are the same whether most of the patients there are staying temporarily or if they require long term care at the facility. 

These facilities need to be able to provide 24 hour care, as emergencies and other health issues can happen at any time of the day. Healthcare professionals at the facility also need to be capable of providing accurate and thorough case management, and various kinds of health monitoring. There are a number of different daily activities where patients should receive help, which can include getting dressed, eating, moving around, and bathing. Each individual’s diet and nutrition information should be monitored as well. 

Various forms of recreation are also important to maintain optimal health as well. Physical therapy is provided for residents who are recovering or subject to chronic conditions that affect movement and mobility. Social activities should be scheduled regularly, as they will help residents maintain their mental health, mood, and well being. 

Formal requirements

There are administrative requirements for a facility to remain functional and in good standing with the state. These include licensing requirements for the facility itself, as well as aides and nurses who are employed to work within the facility. The Agency for Healthcare Administration publishes a formal guide that demonstrates optimal conditions in a nursing home and sets out standards that should be followed at all times.  

Injuries and health problems caused by improper care

Unfortunately, not all nursing homes are engaged in the process of providing these services for their patients and continually monitoring their conditions. Many elderly and vulnerable individuals are hurt in these facilities each year. 

Learning more about nursing home issues from a licensed attorney

There are lawyers who focus on helping families who have had issues with improper care and injuries in nursing homes. Rosenberg Injury Law provides information about lawsuits and other actions to clients in the Boca Raton area. 

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