Yet another lawsuit has been filed by the Trump administration regarding the libel-or publishing of false information to defame- President Donald Trump. This latest lawsuit is targeted towards the Washington Post, and the previous lawsuit, which occurred last week, was against the New York Times. The previous lawsuit was regarding an opinion essay written by an executive editor of the paper. The factor regarding the public essay published in the New York Times that bothered Trump the most was that the writer, Max Frankel, had suggested that Trump had made underhanded deals with Russia before he was elected in 2016.

The paper was published in 2019, but Trump only now decided to act against this ‘totally wrong’ information that had been put out for the public to read. After this lawsuit, the Washington Post was sued on Tuesday regarding similar allegations. The Washington Post was also sued for opinion articles they published last year that mentioned Trump’s probable interactions with Russia.

The news pieces had allegedly quoted Trump’s own words that were stated during an interview with ABC news. However, Trump has clearly stated that all the statements made in the articles were false and they should not have been published in the first place.

Will Trump win the case against the New York Times and the Washington Post?

The fact that both pieces that are being called to account, were, in fact, opinion pieces, probably means that Trump won’t be successful in his attempt to sue them. The law protects Americans and allows them to express their own judgments and conclusions about events that are important to the public.

If the newspaper had made major headlines out of these opinions and had stated them as facts, then the chances of Trump winning the lawsuit would be a lot higher. The lawsuit has been filed by the Trump-Pence reelection campaign and the case will be funded by a donor-funded account since the president did not file the lawsuit himself.

Lawsuits can be tricky, and the outcome can really be anything especially when one considers that the litigation is being done on behalf of the president himself. However, the chances of the newspapers being legally penalized do seem significantly low considering the articles that are being questioned.

America allows the freedom of speech and if the articles were not stating blatant lies that had no facts to back them up then they will probably be let off the hook. Whether Trump manages to win this case or not, one thing is clear, he has successfully managed to get his point across to all the news outlets across the United States that no one should try and publish material that is against him. Trump and his administration are making it clear that they will not tolerate even basic opinion pieces from journalists that could potentially harm Trump’s reputation or depict him in a negative light in front of the public.

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