The truth about police brutality in Chicago – White officers use force more often

Chicago, IL – An extensive study on police brutality in Chicago came up with some troubling, yet not quite unexpected conclusions – white law enforcement agents use excessive force more often than their black or Hispanic colleagues. The groundbreaking study looked at documents relating to 1.6 million law enforcement events by nearly 7,000 Chicago PD officers from 2012 through 2015.

The documents showed that black officers made 29% fewer stops and 21% fewer arrests and used force 32% fewer times than white colleagues, even though almost half of them work in districts with higher than average crime rates. At the same time, black officers also made one-third fewer discretionary stops for “suspicious behavior.”

Also, the study found that female officers used force 28% fewer times than male counterparts and made 7% fewer arrests.

These disparities are driven by reduced discretionary stops and arrests for petty crimes, including drug offenses, which have long been thought to fuel mass incarceration,” the study concludes.

Although the study stopped short of quoting racial bias as the main explanation behind this behavior, other researchers say this is perhaps the biggest problem affecting the Chicago Police Department. For instance, a 2017 investigation carried out by the Justice Department found that Chicago PD is beset by “widespread racial bias, along with excessive use of force, poor training and feckless oversight of officers accused of misconduct”.

As the new study points out that maybe it’s not the culture inside the police department that is to blame, but rather the officers themselves. 

Most people, prior to this study, had an assumption that once police were trained in the culture they acted the same way. For the first time, we’re seeing this may not be the case,” Sean Malinowski, director of Policing Innovation and Reform at the Crime Lab, told USAToday

The only remedy for police brutality victims is to sue

While the people of Chicago wait for the much promised reform of their local PD, every day another city resident falls victim to some type of police misconduct. The recent cases of two Latino residents shot dead during separate police interventions show just how dangerous an interaction with the local police can be. 

For the time being, the only thing victims and their families can do is to file a complaint or a lawsuit against the police officers using excessive force. By talking to an experienced Chicago police brutality lawyer, victims can draw attention to their plight. If you make enough noise, the Chicago PD will be forced to look into an incident and maybe that cop will be taken off the beat. At the same time, victims can use a civil rights lawsuit to recover the damages they deserve. 

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Source: The role of officer race and gender in police-civilian interactions in Chicago

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