Have you or a loved one recently been in a truck accident? You aren't alone. Last year there were 475,000 truck accidents.
A truck accident comes with more complications than a typical accident. Often there are personal injuries, property damage, and sometimes death.
Having the right lawyer represent you can help you recover from your loss. Follow these tips when hiring a truck accident lawyer to represent you.

What to Do After the Truck Accident

The first thing you should do after your accident is to get you and your vehicle to the side of the road. Truck crashes usually cause more damage and serious injuries due to their large size.
If you can’t move the vehicles, at least move the people to the side of the road. Do not move those who are seriously injured an incapable of moving.

Call For Help

Check that everyone is safe and call the authorities. Truck crashes can cause gasoline and other hazardous fluid leaks.

Do Not Admit Fault

Do not apologize or take the blame if the accident was not your fault. This is a natural impulse but these statements can hurt your case later in court.
Remain calm in the situation. Try to remember the specifics of what happened by writing them down for your records.

Notify Your Insurance Company

Once you have the situation handled you need to contact your insurance company. Make sure you also get the information of the other driver involved.

Selecting Your Attorney

After the accident, you may want to consult a truck accident lawyer or personal injury lawyer. These lawyers can inform you of the specifics of truck accident law.


An experienced attorney can inform you of your rights. You may have the ability to collect for personal injury or wrongful death. Your property damage, medical bills, and other related costs may also be recoverable.
Semi trucks are usually owned by large corporations. An experienced attorney will know how to get the best settlement for you.


Truck accidents need someone who understands these cases. They are more complicated than a typical fender bender between cars.
Do not call an 800 lawyer service and hope they give you a qualified lawyer. Research potential lawyers and ask for references.
Ask previous clients what it was like working with the lawyer. Look at the lawyer case history to find out how many accidents like yours they’ve handled.

Fight For You

Litigating a case is an expensive and time-consuming process. If you cannot reach a settlement, your case will go through the trial process.
Not every lawyer is financially stable to invest in your case. This means they cannot hire experts, take depositions, and fight for your case.
Hire the attorney who can represent you for the long term if needed. Remember, corporations have the funding to defend against your case.

Choose the Best Truck Crash Lawyer

If you were in a truck accident yesterday or recently, the sooner you call an attorney the better. Many states have time limits for seeking medical treatment.
Research potential attorneys by looking at their experience. Check their reputation and ability to represent you. You want to find the best truck accident lawyer so you are in the best position to get the settlement you deserve.
Find a lawyer near you to assist with your truck accident today.

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