The United States needs immigration reform to prevent a loss of job vacancies over the next decade.

The Economic Times – According to reports, if the United States does not take immediate steps to address the shortage of high skilled workers in their immigration department, it could result in over 9 million job vacancies and $1.2 trillion in lost production over the next ten years.


According to a report published by a network of technology CEO’s, skilled degree holders are not being produced by the US to fill demand for their economy. This leaves immigration as the only option for the country to recover to shrink the skills gap and to contribute to growth and business developments. Despite the positive effects of immigration and growth of the economy, H-1B guidelines have remained unchanged for the past 14 years.


Education reform is critical to narrow the skills gap in the future, this investment will not solve the current shortage of skilled labor. Latest data has also shown that there are more than 10 million job openings across the United States with more than 7 million people unemployed. A report from TechNet’s report showed that 64% of employers report a skills gap at their company and that failing to reduce the current skills gap could bring down productivity by 51%, depress economic growth by 42% and reduce innovation by 43%.


The data further proves that immigration boosts employment and earnings potential for American employees.



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