There are several problems that can affect car accident victims in Greenville County

Greenville County, SC – People who get into car accidents are suddenly hit with several different problems and additional costs. It is beneficial for people in this situation to get in touch with their insurance company and report the crash, but the level of help and compensation that is given by auto insurance companies can vary greatly depending on the specific policy, and this is often not a perfect solution. There are also attorneys who focus on civil cases related to accidents and injuries in South Carolina, and they can assist people who need compensation. 

Property damage

Vehicle damage is a certainty in car collisions. People who have collision coverage on their car can attempt to file a claim and have their insurance provider pay for the repairs. However, collision insurance is not required by law and some drivers may choose to not pay for this type of additional coverage. Depending on the severity of the damage, the car can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair, and some cars may be considered a total loss if the vehicle cannot be repaired or is destroyed.

Medical and health problems

People who have been involved in a car accident will likely sustain injuries. There are several ways that this treatment can happen, including emergency transportation to a hospital emergency room, surgeries, physical therapy, and other forms of recovery treatment. Medical bills of this magnitude often become a serious expense that the victim has difficulty paying for on their own without some kind of help. 

A related issue to medical problems is chronic physical pain and mental health problems caused by the stress of the accident. These less tangible losses can be compensated through a civil negligence lawsuit if the plaintiff’s attorney argues for non-economic compensation for pain and suffering related to the collision.  

Job and career problems

When someone is seriously hurt, they can miss significant time working. This can become a long term problem if injuries result in a disability or at least an inability to work in the same manner as before the accident. Over time, the person can lose thousands or millions of dollars in potential income. The benefit of filing a civil negligence lawsuit against the person responsible for the crash is that they can be made to pay for lost income and wages, as well as projected future losses of income caused by the accident. 

Motor vehicle accident lawyers in South Carolina

The Clekis Law Firm helps people with accident lawsuits in Greenville County and other parts of South Carolina. People who need additional information can contact the firm to schedule a meeting with their attorneys. 

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