Baton Rouge, LA – Despite their roles as a caretaking facility, nursing homes may not always provide adequate care to those they are treating and housing. There are a number of ways that an elderly person may show that they have not been cared for properly, and these are usually manifested in physical appearance, mental health, and general demeanor. When a family member notices these signs, they should look into the issue further and consider transferring the elderly person out of the home and taking legal action if necessary.  

Signs that there may be problems with the facility and staff members

Physical appearance is always an important indicator of a person’s overall health. Nursing homes should assist the person in regularly engaging in hygienic activities and changing clothing. The patient should also not appear to manifest symptoms of sickness or emotional withdrawal. 

Nursing homes also routinely have issues with shortages of staff members, individuals who are not trained or hired properly, and those who simply do not treat their jobs with the amount of care required to keep another person safe. When a family member is making a visit to the facility and interacting with others inside, they should take note of the demeanor of the staff and administrators, and see if they seem to take pride in their work and genuinely want to help the patients in the facility.  

Declining mental health can be a serious problem for the elderly. Some individuals may start to experience symptoms of memory loss, dementia, and other cognitive issues that can affect their ability to function normally. These problems can become disastrous if a patient loses their sense of where they are, or where they are going without being monitored closely by the staff. 

The steps to bring a civil case

Whenever the signs of improper care are obvious, they should be documented through things like photos, medical treatment paperwork and records, medications and prescriptions, and conversations with the staff. All of these pieces of evidence may be used in a civil lawsuit against the facility. The lawyer for the plaintiff can list some of these facts in the initial complaint that begins the lawsuit, along with other facts related to why the home was negligent for engaging in practices that resulted in improper care.  

Attorneys can help investigate nursing home misconduct

Anyone who has had a family member become ill or sustain an injury while in a nursing home can contact a local lawyer. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a firm in the Baton Rouge area that assists families with the process to receive compensation and bring lawsuits against nursing homes. 

Firm contact info:

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf

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