These are the financial problems that can potentially cause a divorce in Yuma

Yuma, AZ – Financial issues and debt are a common cause of divorces throughout the United States. Couples who have serious financial stress are also likely to argue more often and start to lose interest in remaining together. Anyone who is starting to experience these kinds of problems and questioning whether their marriage will last should meet with a local divorce attorney to get specific advice about how to handle their situation.  

Credit card debt

Credit cars are especially problematic because they tend to have high interest rates compared to many other forms of debt. This makes them difficult to pay off, and significant amounts of money can go to interest payments alone each month. When a couple has to invest much of their income into credit card payments, it also becomes difficult to have disposable income for personal use and enjoying each other’s company. 

Financial infidelity

Financial infidelity is the term for when one spouse has spending habits that they do not disclose to the other. Things like gambling addiction, substance abuse, going into debt for personal purchases, using joint bank accounts, and excessive spending on credit cards can all be considered forms of financial infidelity. Some people take this problem very seriously if they find out that their spouse is spending the couple’s money in secret, and arguments over financial infidelity have been known to lead to divorces. 

Expenses associated with children

Having children and raising them is extremely expensive. This is because things like healthcare, education, insurance, and daycare are all serious costs, and these items tend to increase in price faster than other sectors of the economy. A couple that is starting to have problems affording their children will obviously be stressed out, and they may need to work more and spend more time apart and away from their children to try to solve the problem. 

Large income disparities

If one spouse earns significantly more money than the other each year, this can cause a number of problems. Most notably, higher earning spouses often expect to be total in control of the marriage and all spending decisions. The spouse with less earning potential can often become totally dependent on their partner as well, which can lead to other issues such as mistrust and needing to stay in an unhappy marriage. It is also very likely that the spouse who earned more will owe alimony payments if there is a divorce.  

Family attorneys in Arizona

Schneider and Onofry is a firm that deals with various family law issues such as divorce, child custody, and alimony in the Yuma area. Anyone who needs assistance with these matters can get in touch with attorneys near me to learn more. 

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