Mesa, AZ – Governments in Arizona and other states have created extensive laws that cover the use of motor vehicles by people who have consumed drugs or alcohol. These laws criminalize such behaviors, and drivers who cause accidents also can be sued in civil court as well to pay for the victim’s losses. It is important for anyone who has been harmed by a drunk driver to get legal advice, as legal representation is recommended for those who are seeking compensation. 

What kinds of vehicles are subject to DUI laws?

As a general rule, people who are operating any kind of motorized vehicle should assume that the DUI laws will apply while they are driving. This includes standard cars, SUVs, motorcycles, trucks, buses, commercial vehicles, and various other vehicles and vessels with a motor. Someone who has consumed drugs or alcohol should never assume that it is safe or legal to operate a vehicle with less size or power than a standard car. Aside from these general rules, drivers of commercial vehicles are even subject to more stringent regulations, as their blood alcohol concentration can only legally be half of what is allowed for standard vehicle drivers. 

Lawsuits against intoxicated motorists

A driver of any vehicle who causes an accident when they are drunk will most likely be sued by the accident victims as well. This is done through a civil negligence case that makes the defendant pay for losses such as property damage, lost income, and various healthcare costs. Negligence cases apply to a number of different situations, and the ability to file these cases is not limited to drivers of certain vehicles either. The burden of proof is lower in civil negligence cases than in criminal cases brought by the government, which means that a driver who was not convicted in criminal court can still possibly be sued successfully, and the victim does not necessarily need to show evidence of intoxication to win the civil case. 

Fatal drunk driving crashes

The worst thing that a person can do after driving under the influence is to take another person’s life. If the drunk driver causes a fatal accident, other costs related to things like funeral and burial expenses can be awarded to the victim’s family through a wrongful death lawsuit that is similar to a negligence case. Fatal drunk driving accidents can also result in felony charges for DUI manslaughter that include serious lengthy jail sentences of several years or longer.  

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