These are the ways that lawyers assist with unpaid wages in Cedar Hill

Cedar Hill, TX – Most workers will have to deal with missing wages or some form of wage theft throughout the course of their career. Some employers make mistakes, while others purposely underpay to try to save money. This issue is common enough that people in Texas and other states lose millions of dollars each year by simply not being paid properly. There are lawyers who dedicate their time to assisting workers with various forms of wage theft such as unpaid overtime, minimum wage violations, and illegal pay deductions. Workers who need more specific advice about their situation should meet with a labor attorney in Texas

Reviewing records

All employers are required by law to keep records of their workers’ hours and wages. They also need to issue pay statements when the person receives their wages during each pay period. An attorney can work with the person to review their actual take home pay versus what is contained in the records and what the employer is allowed to do by law. Employees should also try to keep their own basic records of the time they have worked and any possible discrepancies that can be brought to the lawyer’s attention. 

Checking the worker’s status

Some employers may illegitimately categorize a person as salaried or an independent contractor to avoid paying overtime as required by state and federal laws. If the lawyer investigates and discovers that this is the case, the employer will owe all of the outstanding overtime pay, along with related damages such as interest on unpaid wages. As a related problem, the employer also is not allowed to ask for additional work as a favor or for other reasons off of the clock if the person’s time will not be recorded and paid. 

Illegal deductions

Employers are only allowed to take deductions out of a worker’s pay for things like taxes, social security, and certain other benefits. These should be clearly listed and indicated on the person’s paycheck or statement. Employers cannot do things like take deductions if the worker receives tips, or try to offset their expenses and costs of materials by taking money out of a worker’s pay. Lawyers can review a pay statement and spot any illegal deductions. The employer will be responsible for repaying the worker any income lost in this manner. 

Cedar Hill employment attorneys

Moore and Associates is a labor law firm that helps people in the area of Cedar Hill and other parts of Texas. Anyone who has workplace issues can speak with attorneys near me to get more information about matters such as unpaid wages, overtime law, sexual harassment, and discrimination.  

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