A Colorado doctor is facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit after a patient passed away from negligence performed during a breast augmentation surgery.

According to Fox Denver, the victim passed away after falling into a coma for what was originally planned as a basic outpatient procedure. The patient entered the coma in 2019 and being kept alive by a ventilator until 2020. The doctor and nurse have been ordered to pay $1 million each to the family of the patient. There is also a settlement with CRNA Associates for a confidential amount. The nurse has been previously accused of killing a patient for similar problems. 

On an emergency basis, the doctor’s license has been suspended. His office waited five hours to call paramedics after the victim went unconscious. Though the nurse has agreed to never administer anesthesia again, he continues to practice as a nurse. Both the nurse and doctor have refused to give out any of their personal assets to the victim’s family. 

Stricken by grief and loss, the family is ordered by Federal Law to repay Medicaid an undisclosed amount of the portion they receive. 

Understanding Medical Wrongful Death in Colorado

Unfortunately, most medical procedures in Colorado don’t have sufficient coverage to handle devastating injuries and deaths they cause. This discrepancy leaves countless families responsible for financial responsibilities that caused their emotional distress. The healthcare industry is filled with hidden rules and barriers that make life challenging. 

According to the Colorado Wrongful Death Act, Statute Section 13-21-202 states “the decedent’s surviving spouse is the only person who can bring a wrongful death claim the first year after the date of death. The parents of a deceased person can bring a wrongful death action if the decedent was an unmarried adult or a minor who had no children.

If a loved one has suffered a wrongful death due to medical negligence, contact our Colorado Wrongful Death Attorneys today. 

Bryan & Terrill Law, PLLC Can Bring Justice to Your Family 

Mourning the loss of a loved one is no time to be facing legal challenges. Being financially responsible for a medical specialist’s negligence can bring added distress to a grieving family. At Bryan & Terrill Law, our extensive experience in wrongful death trial and lawsuit experience equips us to fight on behalf of your loved ones. We can identify discrepancies in insurance claims. Medical professionals who engage in malpractice should be held accountable and suffer the consequences of their actions. 

Anyone who has suffered distress due to a loved one suffering a wrongful death should contact Bryan & Terrill Law, PLLC to get connected to our attorneys. Our team isn’t afraid to fight for the compensation you deserve. 

Bryan & Terrill Law, PLLC can be reached at:

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