According to Kevin Detreville, a prominent Colorado-based Youtuber, citizens should hold the police and their misconduct accountable. His YouTube channel known as “Dj Kdot the Party” is dedicated to recording police activity such as arrests and routines throughout his local community. While the requirement for police officers to wear body cameras remains mandatory, the footage may still be manipulated.  

Mr. Detreville, who has become known as a “first amendment auditor” has been arrested twice for exercising his constitutional right. Mr. Detreville told CBS News that “I’m making a difference. People love what I do. I’m just here to serve my community, period.”

Understanding the First Amendment 

While it can be intimidating to record police officer’s actions, new Colorado law allows bystanders who have been unlawfully arrested for recording police to file a lawsuit. The first amendment allows for recordings in public settings or in your own property. It all comes down to when and where your recordings take place and if whether the police officer has right to disrupt that recording. Hiring a qualified Colorado Police Misconduct Attorney may help. 

Some examples of Police misconduct during a recording include: 

  • Breaking or snatching your camera, 
  • Deleting recordings such as photos and videos, 
  • Threatening arrest for recording, 
  • Keeping Camera or Recording 
  • Taking Photos and Recordings without a warrant or verbal permission. 
  • Racial Profiling 

If police actions have caused physical injuries and emotional trauma to you or a loved one, a Colorado Police Misconduct Attorney may grant you the compensation you need. 

Bryan & Terrill Law, PLLC Can Defend Your Rights 

The lawyers at Bryan & Terrill Law, PLLC have extensive trial experience in police misconduct and are ready to defend your case. Police officers who use excessive force without justification should be held accountable. We can identify the legal processes that needs to be taken to help a victim gain the compensation and justice they deserve. 

Anyone who has been threatened,  victimized, arrested, or injured by an officer of the law can contact Bryan & Terrill Law, PLLC to get connected with a Colorado police brutality attorney. The lawyers at this firm work diligently to protect the rights of police brutality victims and aren’t afraid to fight for a fair outcome. 

Bryan & Terrill Law, PLLC can be reached at:

333 W. Hampden Avenue, #420B

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