This is how a truck driver can be sued in Gonzales

Gonzales, LA – Commercial vehicles are responsible for a significant number of collisions on the roads in Louisiana. These types of accidents result in severe damage in many cases, and those who are injured can require significant compensation to pay for their medical treatment. Laws related to driver negligence allow the victim to attempt to sue the driver at fault to receive payment for their losses. However, this process will require assistance and guidance from an attorney who has extensive experience with suing truck drivers and their employers.

Following the proper procedures at the accident scene

After the crash, the driver should notify the local police or emergency services for help. If the person is able to do so, they can take note of the trucking company, take pictures of the accident scene, and see if there are witnesses available. If there are serious injuries or significant property damage, the police may complete many of these steps on their own to document the crash. They will then release an accident report which summarizes their findings. The report can also become an important piece of evidence if there are lawsuits later. Once the driver is safe, they should contact their insurance company at their earliest convenience and report the crash, as this is required under their policy terms. 

Seeking medical treatment

The victim may need to be treated for their injuries in an emergency room, and at various other times after the crash. They should get the required treatment to recover and keep their medical records, as these may be used as evidence at a later time. 

Legal advice and lawsuits

There are some attorneys and firms who focus on suing commercial vehicles such as large semi trucks. These cases are slightly different from standard auto accident cases, as the driver’s employer is attached in the lawsuit and they have special insurance for fleets of commercial vehicles. There are also regulations for the trucking industry that can be relevant to the issue of negligence if they were not observed by the driver who caused the crash. 

The legal professional should explain how they can help the victim with the process to receive compensation through a settlement, as well as the specific range of compensation that may be available based on their injuries and other losses. If the victim and lawyer agree on representation, the attorney can use the information available to draft a complaint and start the lawsuit.  

Accident lawyers in Louisiana

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a law firm that assists clients with their injury cases in the area of Gonzales and other parts of Louisiana. Anyone who has additional questions about the process to receive compensation can contact their attorneys to schedule a meeting. 

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Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf

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