This is how accident victims in Newberry County can get financial help after a drunk driving crash

Newberry County, SC – Despite public knowledge of the dangers of drunk driving, it still happens regularly in South Carolina and other states. The worst harm caused by drunk drivers is damage from accidents that can result in property damage, serious injuries, or even fatalities. Despite the fact that many of these drivers will be charged criminally, it is also necessary for the victim to file a civil lawsuit in many cases, as the costs of a motor vehicle collision can be significant and they are not always covered by the insurance process.  

People who have additional questions after an accident caused by an intoxicated driver should always get legal advice from a licensed attorney before committing to any course of action. 

Civil negligence lawsuits related to an accident

South Carolina’s negligence laws allow those who have been harmed by any driver to bring a civil lawsuit for compensation. This is important in many cases related to drunk driving crashes, as the victim is often left with significant costs that may not be covered by an insurance policy or court ordered restitution as part of the criminal case. The civil lawsuit has the benefit of allowing the victim to add up all of their costs or damages, and then arguing that the defendant should have to pay for them. If the person was seriously hurt or sustained some kind of life changing disability, it is possible that their costs can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. This makes the need for a lawsuit imperative, as very few people would be able to afford these kinds of costs without the settlement payout at the conclusion of the lawsuit. It is also possible for the person to be compensated through the civil courts even if the person was not convicted in criminal court, as these are separate court systems with differences in burden of proof and standards to admit evidence.

How lawyers help

An attorney is necessary to help the victim decide on whether the lawsuit is necessary. After a consultation, the lawyer will draft the complaint to start the case and then begin exchanging information with the defendant through the discovery process. 

Advice after an accident in South Carolina

The Clekis Law Firm is a practice that works with DUI accident victims in Newberry County and nearby parts of South Carolina. Anyone who needs assistance can schedule a meeting with their lawyers to receive advice and guidance during their lawsuit. 

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