This is how an unpaid wage lawsuit is filed in DeSoto

DeSoto, TX – Workers routinely have to deal with missing wages or related problems like unpaid overtime. An employer who has violated wage laws is always responsible for correcting the problem and paying their workers properly.

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Giving notice to the employer

Many instances of unpaid wages and wage theft are due to simple oversights and mistakes by the employer. While this does not excuse wage theft, many issues related to unpaid wages can be fixed by simply notifying the employer and asking for the full outstanding amount. Anyone who wants to take formal legal action will need to attempt to exhaust all remedies from within their company, meaning they still have not been paid after telling the employer about their losses. This is usually done through a human resources department, or a person who handles payroll in a smaller business or company. 

Notifying a government agency

Workers in Texas can either use the Texas Workforce Commission or the U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division to file a formal unpaid wage complaint after notifying their employer. The appropriate agency will depend on whether the employee works in the private sector, state government, or for the federal government. These labor agencies have the power to force the employer to comply with their investigation, and they may compel the workplace to resolve issues related to wage theft. The initial complaint should be filed within six months of when the wages were due to be paid out. 

Unpaid wage lawsuits

In situations where the company does not resolve the problem for a worker, or the labor agency was not able to resolve the matter, it may be necessary to file a lawsuit. An attorney has the ability to review employment contracts or any other relevant documentation such as the employer’s records of hours. When the lawsuit is filed, the employee has the right to ask for all outstanding wages, as well as other forms of damages such as interest on late wages. 

Class action lawsuits

In some cases where multiple employees of the same company have been affected, a class action lawsuit may be appropriate. These types of cases are only brought when multiple individuals with losses due to the same problem can be consolidated into a single legal action. Any compensation collected is divided among all members of the class who joined as plaintiffs in the lawsuit.  

Texas employment lawyers

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