This is the purpose of the workers compensation system in Charleston

Charleston, SC – Almost all employers in South Carolina are required to pay for workers compensation insurance. This is meant to help protect workers in the event of an injury by providing various forms of financial assistance and other benefits when applicable. However, there are several different ways that workers compensation helps to cover all of the problems that a person may have due to their injuries aside from lost wages. Because this claim process and the workers compensation system is not always easy to navigate or understand, it is recommended for anyone who has been hurt at work to meet with attorneys near me and get legal advice. 

Payment of wages 

The most obvious purpose of workers compensation is to cover lost income and wages while the person is recovering. The workers compensation system will give a person a certain percentage of their normal wages once their claim is approved. Under South Carolina law, this maxes out at approximately two thirds of the person’s normal wages. These payments have a potential duration of the entire recovery time, however symptoms that last more than 150 days can require additional procedures to be completed.  

Medical treatment

Certain medical and healthcare costs may also be covered under workers compensation. This is generally limited to the treatment costs that are directly tied to the work injury. However, such payments are significant because it would be difficult for many workers to afford the high costs of emergency care on their own or even through their health insurance.  

Vocational rehabilitation

There are some injured workers who may need additional education and training after missing significant periods of time away from their occupation. This type of assistance is called vocational rehabilitation, and the costs of such rehabilitation can possibly be covered under workers compensation benefits. 

Disability payments

Depending on the severity of an injury, a worker may be considered partially or totally disabled. The workers compensation system also is capable of providing payments to those who need financial assistance due to their disability. Some disabilities may develop gradually because of an occupational hazard such as exposure to dangerous materials, rather than due to one specific accident. Disabilities and the associated compensation comes with a different set of rules when compared to standard workers compensation benefits, so it is especially important for people who may be disabled to get legal assistance with their claims and related matters.  

Workers compensation attorneys in Charleston

The Clekis Law Firm is available to help people in the Charleston area with their workers compensation issues. Anyone who needs to meet with an attorney to learn more can contact their law firm.

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