This is the reason that financial problems cause many divorces in Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ – Issues with money, debt, excessive spending, and other financial problems have been one of the leading causes of divorce in the United States for a long time. This is true in the Phoenix metro area as well. Anyone who suspects that a divorce is upcoming due to financial problems or other reasons should get in touch with their lawyer and attempt to plan for their future. Legal assistance can help avoid some of the most severe consequences of a divorce. 

Financial problems can take time to fix

When a couple has things like credit card debt, loans, mortgages, student loans, or even bankruptcy cases, this cannot be fixed with short term planning. Financial planning tends to be on the scale of years rather than months or weeks. For this reason, the stress of financial problems will almost always be long term, and this often causes arguments and marital problems that simply do not go away. When a couple starts to not enjoy each other’s company for months or years, it is more likely that the marriage will end.

Financial infidelity 

A related money problem is known as financial infidelity. This is when one member of the couple spends, gambles, uses credit cards, or engages in other forms of financial irresponsibility without telling the other spouse. Some members of married couples will take this kind of behavior very seriously, especially if they are spending the other spouse’s money. Like finding out that the other person is having an affair, financial infidelity can have a similar effect and potentially cause a divorce case to start

Related issues with stress

People who have significant financial problems will also be stressed much of the time. This can affect their health over time, as well as their ability to enjoy the company of the other spouse. The person in debt may also need to start working excessive hours to try to pay the debt, which means less time around their spouse.

Budgeting and planning problems

Ideally, couples should have at least some kind of basic budgeting or financial planning that they follow. If one or both members of the couple do not follow through with these plans, they can start to have disagreements and their financial problems will be exacerbated. This is especially true when one member of the couple thinks that saving and budgeting is very important, but the other spouse does not. 

Divorce attorneys in Phoenix

Schneider and Onofry is a family law firm that works with people getting divorced, those with child custody issues, and other matters. Their attorneys are available to provide advice and representation to families. 

Firm contact info:

Schneider & Onofry, P.C.

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