This is why negligence is an important issue after a drunk driving accident in Seattle

Seattle, WA – When a person causes an accident after using drugs or alcohol, they can be arrested and charged criminally, as well as sued in civil court under the state’s negligence laws. Drivers who cause motor vehicle crashes while intoxicated can also face significant costs due to civil liability if they are found to be at fault, as they can be made to pay for all of an accident victim’s costs that were created by the crash. A lawyer who handles motor vehicle collision lawsuits can advise any victim in the Seattle area regarding the best course of action and how to receive the most compensation.

Laws against drunk driving that apply in Seattle and the rest of the state

The state of Washington has criminal laws that apply to any driver who is found operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The legal limit for alcohol is a blood alcohol concentration of .08, but this amount is lower for drivers of commercial vehicles or drivers who are under 21 years of age. Those who are arrested will face an automatic administrative license suspension, and a conviction can also include fines, mandatory substance abuse treatment, and the possibility of jail time. Factors such as the driver’s prior record of drunk driving convictions and whether they caused injuries or accidents can be used to impose a more severe sentence. 

Accident lawsuits in civil courts

Drivers in Washington and other states can always potentially be sued if they cause a motor vehicle accident that results in injuries or property damage. This is also true for drivers who cause a crash due to intoxication, although the plaintiff does not necessarily need to show that the driver was impaired at the time of the crash to win a civil lawsuit. An accident victim only needs to have some kind of evidence of negligence and associated damages available to try to get a settlement that provides compensation for medical bills and lost wages. These amounts are usually covered by the driver’s insurance company or employer if they use commercial vehicles, although it is possible that they may be personally liable. 

Washington’s negligence laws

Negligence essentially means that a driver breached the standard of care relevant to all drivers on the road and caused some kind of injuries or losses. This can obviously be applied to a drunk driver in the Seattle area, as this kind of behavior is considered reckless and dangerous. The victim needs to show that the defendant was actually responsible for the accident and other associated losses such as their property damage and injuries by proving all of the elements of negligence. 

Finding a local lawyer in Washington

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