This Tool Allows Police to Detect Drug Abuse in Drivers

Police departments have grown increasingly sophisticated over the years as new and modified versions of existing drugs emerge. In addition to drunk drivers, police now have to worry about drug use in motorists as this has become yet another contributor to drunk driving accidents.

To aid police officers in identifying drug use in drivers, some agencies have adopted what is called the Dräger DrugTest 5000. Read on to find out what states have already adopted the usage of this tool and how it works.


In what states is the Dräger DrugTest 5000 being used?


The Dräger DrugTest 5000 is reportedly being used at checkpoints in Los Angeles and San Diego (1). USA Today also says the tool has been used by officers in New York City and parts of Arizona and Nevada. The tool involves the use of a mouth swab that determines if a driver has consumed marijuana.

While it isn’t clear whether any other cities adopted the tool to aid in cracking down on drugged drivers, it’s expected many are implementing new strategies to identify these types of drivers.

In 2018, Michigan passed legislation that legalized marijuana for recreational use, allowing more individuals to consume and possess the drug. With more people now having access to marijuana, police must be more vigilant as more people could be getting behind the wheel intoxicated. If law enforcement in Michigan isn’t using the Dräger DrugTest 5000, you can bet they are using these signs to identify drug usage in drivers.


How can police tell when a driver is intoxicated?


In order to determine if a driver is high, an officer may look for any of the following signs as these tend to be indicators that a person is intoxicated (2):

  • They have foggy or slow memory.
  • Their eyes are red and bloodshot.
  • They experience “laughter and glee when it is not warranted.”
  • Their movements are slower than normal.
  • They appear to be lethargic.
  • Impaired judgment.
  • They are extremely “chatty or sociable.”


If I was charged with intoxicated driving in Michigan, do I need a lawyer?


Although no law requires you to hire a Michigan DUI lawyer, there are many reasons why you should retain legal counsel anyway. Not only will a Michigan DUI attorney help you make sense of your charges, but they will also explain your options, something many are unaware they have.

Just because you’ve been charged with driving under the influence doesn’t mean you’re guilty of the crime. Whether you want to fight your DUI charges or potentially get them reduced to a lesser degree, a DUI lawyer in Michigan is the person who can help you with this. If you’d like to discuss your recent charges with an experienced Michigan drunk driving attorney, contact the Law Offices of Stuart R. Shafer, P.C. today.


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