A motorist in Ohio was suspected of driving distracted and causing an accident involving an Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) truck back in July. My Dayton Daily News shared details on the incident, explaining why the driver and his/her two passengers had to be transported to the hospital in critical condition.
Apparently, the driver was heading south on I-75 in West Carrollton when the car drove off the left side of the road and crashed into an ODOT dump truck. The driver of the truck was working nearby to the accident scene and wasn’t occupying the vehicle at that time. The source highlighted that all three of the occupants of the car were not wearing their seatbelts which likely contributed to their injuries being as severe as they were.
Officials had to shut down the southbound lanes of I-75 to land a CareFlight medical helicopter that transported the driver, who suffered the most significant injuries, to the hospital. State troopers investigating the accident believe the driver may have been distracted which led to him driving off the roadway, however, they were conducting an investigation to determine the true cause of the accident.

Truck Driver Veers into Opposite Lanes of Traffic to Avoid Engaging in a Collision with Cars in Front

Unlike the victims of the first accident, those involved in this next wreck managed to walk away unharmed. WHIO TV 7 reported that late Wednesday evening, a semi-truck driver traveling east on I-70 near the overpass at Number 9 Road engaged in a single-vehicle accident. The driver said he hadn’t realized that traffic had slowed, but when he did, it was too late. He said he “saw open highway on the westbound side of the interstate and went for it.”
Rather than crash into the stopped traffic that was in front of him, this semi-truck driver chose to veer on to the opposite side of the highway where he saw a clear opening.
The driver and his backup driver, who had been asleep in the rear of the cabin at the time, were transporting melons from California to Connecticut. Thankfully, no other vehicles were involved and both occupants of the semi were uninjured. The driver, however, was charged with failure to control his vehicle and police are “attributing the accident to inattentive driving.” A crew from Sandy’s Towing was called to the accident scene where they attempted to lift the truck without having to unload the melons. Unfortunately, the truck weighed too much so they ended up having to load the melons onto a flatbed trailer first before lifting the truck right-side up.
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