Three problems with traditional marketing for law firms

King of Prussia, PA – Law firms should be vigilant in their marketing efforts to remain competitive in a changing world. This means that merely spending money indiscriminately on any kind of advertising or marketing may not work very well. One possible way to find new customers that some firms are using successfully is the process of getting prequalified leads. This can potentially work better than other kinds of marketing, as the customer has been vetted and they want to speak with an attorney in a specific area of practice. Some areas of focus for prequalified leads include personal injury, family law, criminal defense, motor vehicle accidents, mass torts, landlord tenant issues, and probate.   

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Excessive competition

Many metro areas throughout the United States have law firms running ads on television, radio, in newspapers, online, and other means. Firms that want to compete in this environment will need huge marketing budgets to try to stay relevant. These markets are essentially saturated with advertising, and consumers often do not know which firm can best serve their needs. This is why the process of qualification is so important, as prequalified leads are already looking for a service that the firm can provide and they have problems that the firm can solve. 

Wasted money

Some firms may be accustomed to spending a certain amount of money on their marketing efforts each month or year. However, unless the firm is very careful about monitoring and adjusting their budgets, it can be very difficult to determine how well this money is being spent. Even hiring outside marketing consultants or firms can be a large expense that produces mixed results depending on the specific location and the firm’s specialty. 


Ideally, marketing will cause an interested customer to get directly in contact with a firm and start to develop a business relationship. However, even some customers who have seen ads and may be interested will not always take steps to contact the business. Prequalified leads can be advantageous in this sense, as the person has already gotten most of the way to starting this relationship, and the firm merely needs to close the deal. 

Additional help with lead generation

TradeMarc Global LLC is available to help businesses and law firms with their lead generation. More information about pre qualified leads and how a company can benefit is available. 

USAttorneys.com is a service that gets people connected with local attorneys in their area. Anyone who needs a referral can call 800-672-3103 to learn more.

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